Restorative Dentistry

Chips, cracks, wear, damage—if the look or function of your tooth needs to be restored, we can do it in one visit. The wide variety of technology at our disposal lets us find the perfect combination required to find the ideal customized treatment that will restore your tooth to its original look and feel. 

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When we remove a cavity, it leaves a space in your tooth that needs to be filled to bring it back to normal—this is called a filling. Neville Family Dentistry’s filling process is highly sophisticated, using a variety of different materials and technologies to bring sturdiness back to your tooth and even restore its original look. We pride ourselves on being able to correctly match your original tooth color or help you with a customized whitening option so all your teeth look natural and you’re feeling your best!


Crowns are used to stabilize and restore your teeth after a significant amount of decay has been removed. Our crowns are custom-made in-house, created, and installed on the same day. Because we invest in having the latest technology available to our patients there is no need to wait on a temporary crown while your permanent restoration is being made in a lab. We make most crowns while you wait. This saves you time and there is no need for a second visit. Most of our patients truly appreciate our advanced process.


One of the ways we fill empty spaces between teeth, preventing shifting and restoring a “complete” look to your smile, is by installing a dental bridge. Our bridges are custom-made with the latest technology, so your smile is restored and maintained. With us, there are no long waits for high-quality bridges! 

Dental Implants

Neville Family Dentistry is one of the best places to get dental implants! After all, we have trained with the world’s most advanced Implant specialists and use the most modern systems available for placing implants. We use processes and procedures that are safe, effective, and completely customized for you!